Hospital Introduction

Xinjiang Boghda andrology hospital owns a headquarter, six branch hospitals and an institute, which is a special chain hospital that is specialized in scientific research and clinic. Boghda andrology Hospital fills the gaps of the specialization, standardization and large-scale treatments of male diseases  around Xinjiang after being established for 20 years. There has been an outpatient amount with 1.3 million people and more than 100 thousand people have been discharged so far. Introduce new medical technologies with advanced treatments from home and abroad and follow the development model with specialization and  internationalization which is established based on the standard for the treatments of males from WHO so that a reliable workplace can be created for all male friends. Boghda andrology hospital is with the most treatment equipment for male's health in the world, a professional team with high skill and rich experience, a general scheme for improving the sexual functions of males with the core of psychological interventions that is recognized across the world and satisfies the requirements of the whole treatment plan of the formal process of ED/PE, which has cured 100 thousand males who got sexual dysfunctions before.

There are nearly 320 staffs in Xinjiang Boghda andrology hospital at the moment which covers an area of nearly 40 thousand square meters together with all branch hospitals and is with 550 open beds.


phone network

Technical Services : Xinjiang Bashlan network

Address: Xinjiang Urumqi, Tianshan District, No. 1319, Tuanjie Road (Xinjiang TV in front)

National Advisory telephone : 40073 12345

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